Types of wood flooring


Wood flooring never goes out of style

In addition to being very durable and functional, wood floors add a sense of style to residential as well as commercial environments.

Wood floors used to be a luxury reserved for the wealthy. With today’s technology, nearly everyone can enhance a residence by adding wood flooring. There are many styles and colors from which to choose.

Wood floors for your business add a sense of sophistication, taste, and give your customers a better overall impression of your company. We carry a variety of wood flooring for commercial purposes, each with differing levels of durability and functionality.

Wood Installation/Refinishing is 99% Dust Free

Arnold Flooring installers work with state of the art equipment, like our 99% dustless sand and finish machines from Bona. The techniques that our installers use for sanding and refinishing are learned through the Bona Certified Craftsmen Program. This program sets the standard in hardwood floor sanding and finishing. We were one of the very first flooring businesses in Georgia to be awarded an official designation in the Bona Certified Craftsmen Program.

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Types of Wood Flooring


What’s the Difference between Engineered and Solid Wood Floors?

Solid wood planks are solid wood from top to bottom, end to end, and cut from one tree. Engineered wood planks are created by taking multiple layers of wood, stacking them in different directions, and binding them together with pressure and heat. A hardwood veneer is glued on top for the look of a solid wood plank. Both types are solid wood on top. Engineered wood is more stable than solid wood and won’t warp or twist along natural grain lines. It is better for areas where moisture and humidity tend to be higher. Veneer depth will vary, but many engineered planks have a deep enough veneer to be able to be refinished when necessary.

Hardwood Floors

Unfinished hardwood floors

Many of the hardwood floors we install are unfinished. With unfinished floors, we lay the hardwood and then stain and seal it on site. The floor can be matched to existing woodwork or cabinets for the exact look you want.

Pre-finished hardwood floors

Prefinished hardwood floors are finished in a factory where the environment is controlled, ensuring that the finish is the highest quality and very durable. With pre-finished planks, the species, color, grain, and finish are all predetermined. So, there are no surprises. Pre-finished hardwood floors can be installed faster because once they are laid, they are ready to walk on – no waiting on staining and sealing.

Engineered Wood Floors

Prefinished engineered wood flooring is a popular choice because of its quality and installation flexibility on a variety of sub-floors. Not only can it be floated or stapled, but it can also be glued directly to concrete slabs, using a vapor barrier adhesive. Major manufacturers that we carry include Armstrong, Bruce, Century, Kahrs, Mohawk, Somerset and Versini.